What Are Verbs

Verbs are often called “doing” words that describe an action that someone or something is doing. For example, if I’m chopping onions, the chopping bit is the verb. However, some verbs describe the state of something, or give the idea of existence. Verbs like be, appear and seem convey the idea of state.

Find The Verb

In this verb game, we’ve presented the lyrics to a song and all you have to do is highlight the verbs. For a bonus mark, write down what the song is and who sings it.

There is a teacher version of the worksheet that has all the verbs highlighted and, of course, the student version with no highlighting.

The problem with songs is that songwriters often use slang that makes it hard to identify verbs. But slang is what the everyday person in the street uses, so there is no harm in playing this game on a song.