In this opposite word quiz, a word is displayed in the left hand column of the table and the quiz taker has to find its opposite in the right hand column. There are three alternatives and the student must find the one that is closest to the opposite in meaning.

In completing this quiz, the student has to understand more than just the word whose opposite they must find. They need to understand the meanings of all the alternative words so that they can test each against the first word.

There is a teacher’s copy of the opposite word quiz and there is also a student’s copy: the teacher version has the correct word highlighted (it saves you having to work it out for yourself!).

These quizzes have been created in Microsoft Word and are free to download and use with your students. For those who don’t have Wod installed on their computers, here is the quiz:

Word Is Opposite In Meaning To
Callous Caring Insensitive Curious
Belligerent Angry Hesitant Friendly
Passive Uninterested Calm Pro-active
Peak Trough Crest Middle
Intentional Deliberate Accidental Random
Morose Accepting Happy Triumphant
Faltering Consistent Unsteady Wrong
To Conform To Ignore To rebel To align with
Unexpected Exciting Boring Predicted
Unite Divide Group Squash
Blackness White Greyness Whiteness
Transparent Black Opaque Invisible
Churlish Well mannered Curt Gentle
Quash Juice Encourage Divert
Banal Stale Fluid Fresh
To submit To repel To avoid To resist
Inconsequential Sequential Random Significant
Embedded Separate At the end In the middle
Incognito Shared Known Anonymous
Exceptional Understated Commonplace Unknown
Alien Uniform Human Native