Prepositions of place describe an object's location in relation to other objects. Commonly used prepositions of place are "in", "on" and "under". For example:

  • The cat sat on the TV.
  • I left my keys under the divorce papers.
  • There is a fly in my french onion soup.

Prepositions Of Place Game

In this game you have to put away items that need tidying up in a room. When you hover your mouse over a particular item, instructions appear at the top that tell you where to put the item. These instructions use prepositions of place and this game is an interesting and fun way to get familiar with using them. When you've finished tidying up, click the check button.

Did you see all the prepositions used? We saw the following:

  • Hang the clock on the wall over the bed.
  • Put the pencils on the top shelf.
  • Put the bag on the chair.
  • Put the shoes under the bed.
  • Put the T-shirt in the wardrobe.
  • Put the notebook in the drawer.
  • Put the ball under the desk.
  • Put the dictionary next to the books.
  • Hang the map on the wall over the chair.