This English worksheet tests your understanding of a selection of words. Listed in the left hand column is a selection of “tricky” words and listed on the right are three possible alternative meanings. Everyone loves multichoice, and you have to pick the right meaning!

There is a student worksheet that has all the possible answers (including the wrong ones) and there is a teacher worksheet that has only the correct answers. Print them out and give your students the student version and keep the teacher version for yourself.

The above documents are freely downloadable, but they were created using Microsoft Word 2010. In case you haven’t got that program on your computer, the worksheet is presented on this web page below.

Word Quiz

Choose a word from the right hand column that matches the word in the left hand column.

Choose a word from the right hand column that matches the word in the left hand column.

Word Is Similar In Meaning To
Rotund Energetic Fat Reddish in face
Ambivalent Hesitant Forceful in nature Having simultaneous, conflicting feelings
Scientology The study of plants A religion The scientists’ code of ethics
Sparing Fighting Meagre Leaving one out
Acolyte Devoted follower Chemical in coca cola A Fossil
Claxon Loud horn Heavy metal band Hammer
Perambulator Sound generator Transport for a baby A treadmill
Profligate A plastic gate Careful Recklessly wasteful
Disingenuous insincere Very stupid Mystical
Hiatus A flower A break A throw in judo
Preamble A walk along the beach Introductory and explanatory statement A cover for a pram
Innocuous The ability to cure Devious inoffensive
Masticate To chew To pound forcefully To ignore
Extant A mediaeval fountain Still existing Extinct
Elegant Shabby Posh Tastefully fine
Subvert A green submarine To hide To Undermine the principles of
Erstwhile Meanwhile Afterwards Formerly
Flagellate To whip To lay flagstones To sleep soundly
Erroneous In error Brother of Eros Eroding slowly
Hapless Very sad Unfortunate Fancy free
Feckless Incompetent Ungracious Very thirsty
Fecund Able to reproduce Impotent Inarticulate
Provoke To prevent Incite To subdue
Institutionalise To break free To make part of a system To build an organisation
Peeved Annoyed Needing the toilet Soiled
Rationalise To reason To eat less To pay attention to the emotions
Oligarchy Government by the few Olly Murs fan club A democracy
Harried Moving quickly Restrained Distressed
Plutocracy The natural hierarchy that ants form Rule by the wealthy The study of distant planets
Megalomania Ectstatic one minute, depressed the next Lust for power Fear of power
Misogynist Woman hater Someone scared of the Japanese One who plays the misogyny
Puerile Childish Dirty Annoying
Antithesis Writers’ block A geometric shape Opposite
Caricature A skeletal structure in the body Something that exaggerates the essence of something A type of French cooking
Travesty A computer virus The Italian secret police A farcical imitation
Misconstrue To deliberately ignore To not hear Misinterpret
Delude A great volume of water What comes before the prelude Deceive the mind
Matriarch A church Female dominant member A kind of castle
Acrimonious Related to Christmas Salty taste Bitter
Salient Very rowdy Quiet Most noticeable
Sartorial Extremely sarcastic Relating to a tailor Careful
Antonym Similar word A describing word Opposite word
Coup A tall vase A break An overthrowing