Here at Free English Games, you get just what you pay for. Actually, you don’t pay anything, because all our English games are, of course, free. But that doesn’t detract from the quality: we put a lot of thought, time and effort into our material to bring you quizzes and games that educate, stimulate and engage.

The english games are published in a variety of formats. You’ll find:

  • audio questions with written answers
  • audio questions with audio answers
  • written questions with audio answers
  • written questions with written answers

Flash English Games

No, we don’t mean “flash” as in “slick”! We mean English games made using the flash interactive/animation tool. We’ve got some. Actually, we’ve got only a smattering at the moment, but we are working hard to bring you more. Eventually, when we have things in place, we aim to publish a new flash English game periodically.